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What is Forsage?

FORSAGE ( is a Global Decentralized Community and the first-ever marketing matrix in history with immediate reward distribution built on Ethereum, Tron, and Binance Smart Chain blockchain smart contracts, which makes it fully decentralized, transparent, secure, and unstoppable. It is a vast ecosystem, a platform whose base lies on blockchain and working lies with the ways of networking and crowdfunding.

Now, this was somehow above our heads, right? Do not worry, before we tread further, let us familiarize ourselves with certain terms:

Now that we have gotten a clear understanding of these terms, we can finally conclude that Forsage is a ‘decentralized’ ‘networking’ platform, a ‘smart contract’ to be precise, built on ‘blockchain’ (Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain) which deals with ‘cryptocurrencies’ like ETH, TRX, and BUSD.

Security? - Check!

Forsage is 100% secure, why? Let us take a quick glance over it.

A] Stand against External Attacks:

Due to its decentralization and association with blockchain, it is nearly impossible for it to be compromised. It becomes difficult for fraudsters to hack data on the blockchain as it uses the scheme of redundant duplicated processing and storage.
(Note: Data Duplication and Redundancy: it simply means that data is stored not in a single place, but at multiple places. Because if it remains stored at a single central database, then a single cyber-attack on this database can tamper all of the data).

That being so, to succeed an attacker would have to hack a large number of nodes (databases/places) on the network. It is fair enough to say that, this is virtually impossible, especially since the number of Forsage users is increasing day after another, and so is their data.

B] Stand against Internal Attacks:

The platform, being in terms of smart contracts and blockchain, will work for tens, and hundreds, and even thousands of years – as long there exists Internet on the Earth and its countries. Internal changes in the platform, like moving to a new website domain, restrictions from any country’s authorities, first users becoming inactive – nothing can affect the community members and their profits. Nothing gets in Forsage’s users’ way, since the smart contract works independently and autonomously, directly with blockchain and the Internet.
(So unless the internet is banned in your country or is ‘hacked’, which is impossible, there is nothing that will stop Forsage from working securely).


This is how every user’s security and protection are guaranteed. Be it external attacks, or internal mishaps, Forsage has an answer to it. FORSAGE STANDS FOR MAXIMUM FREEDOM AND SECURITY.

Transparency? - Check!

Forsage Smart Contract code is an algorithm that only processes the rewards to the partners within the matrix structure and does not store any funds itself. That is Forsage simply acts as a secure means to transfer money from a joining partner (suppose, you) to your upline (suppose, your inviter/friend), now did you get the basic idea that the money used for registration/upgrade does not go ‘to’ Forsage but instead goes to your upline’s wallet ‘through’ Forsage. And you will be able to see that the balance of all the smart contracts of Forsage is 0, just by searching the smart contract codes on the global blockchain explorers like EtherScan (, TronScan (, and BscScan (

The smart contract on which Forsage works is simply a self-executing algorithm that distributes partnership rewards between members of the platform while adhering to the specific conditions (according to its designed matrix). The information about the transactions that you make is stored on the blockchain, and you can see it on blockchain explorers, with details like who was the payee and to whom did it get paid, what was the fee required for the transaction to be processed, etc.
(If you check your registration/upgrade transaction on the blockchain explorer, you will find that the transaction amount has went FROM/your wallet address TO/your upline’s wallet address while going through the smart contract address).

This is how transparent Forsage transactions and their workings are.

The source code of the smart contract is public, with no confidentiality, and no secrecy. Smart contract automated payments protect members from fraud – money just can't go anywhere else but the specified wallet. You can find the information regarding transactions of smart contract and its balance via the following links:
(These links will take you to the smart contract address on the blockchain explorers).

This level of trustworthiness and transparency is yet to be achieved by many. So feel free to check out the contracts and analyze the lucidity and honesty displayed by the smart contract.

Risk-free? – Check!

There are no risks in Forsage. It is different from all platforms, since all the interactions happening in its locale are processed on the blockchain, and are strictly watched over by the smart contract, which makes sure, that the transactions are finalized correctly and completely without any disruptions.

The linkage of blockchain ascertains that the interactions cannot be altered, stopped, or interrupted by anyone, be it a middle party or the creator. Since the information once entered the blockchain cannot be deleted or edited, each participant of the transaction is protected from the other party’s dishonesty by the smart contract code.

Basic Earning Mechanism? – Check!


We know that FORSAGE working is based on smart contracts. The Forsage smart contracts only work as a medium to transfer funds directly between the wallets of the community members, while its balance always remains zero, meaning it does not store any funds from its participants. All the transfers/rewards go straight to the member’s personal wallets, without any hidden commissions or third-party resources. There are no timeouts or withdrawal periods or delays in the earnings. As soon as a transaction is made, it gets immediately credited to the personal wallet of the person who is to receive the profit (i.e. you or your upstream partners). The direct addition of profit to the wallet ensures that the reward fully belongs to the person, and can be used instantly as it arrives in the wallet.

A new member just needs to invite two people to recoup the initial membership expense. Yet, there are no limits to the income that can be earned by a single member; the results depend solely on the activity of the member.



Forsage is open to everyone in the world, easy to join, and the requirements include nothing but a laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection. The platform allows the members to activate and upgrade the matrix plans and levels to invite partners into them via the personal affiliate link while earning rewards in ETH, TRX, and BUSD cryptocurrencies for the same.

Code & Values.

Helping each other -

We all have our unique talents, unique values. Together we execute these talents to make the platform better every day, little by little, in every aspect, and by doing that we support ourselves and our members.
Helping each other is the most important value of our community. Reciprocity in every action, every intention, and every thought goes along Forsage, not only towards fellow members but towards the whole world! We practice small daily improvements and we won’t stop until we make this world a better place.

Trust and Justice -

 It is crucial for a human being to have a decent life. It is the Justice Principle of Forsage that guarantees fairness on the platform with its clear and fair distribution of the capital.
The trust embodied in smart self-executing contracts, the foundation of the platform, allows the community to rest assured about their funds, stored securely in their own crypto wallets.

Making dreams come true -

Last but not the least; this is what we all want.

We acknowledge the rights of every person for making their wishes come true and we make sure that everyone realizes their hopes and dreams as a reality.


New Technologies -

It is our goal to provide the community with the latest technologies in marketing, fintech, and psychology, all for the growth of new talent and skills among the members.

Self-improvement through knowledge is the aim.

Global Financial Transformation -

We know that decentralization will impact global and national economies, and we strive to be a vital part of this process.


Crypto Freedom -

We believe in achieving financial freedom for our members of the community directly through mechanisms like investments, gathering funds, and education.


To live, not just make a living, is the goal.


International Academy -

Knowledge is power. Power to make connections; connections to bring funds; funds to make your dreams come true; is the vision that embarked us on a beautiful journey.
And we created FORSAGE International Academy to empower the community with knowledge, knowledge to build your own successful business.


Community Growth -

We know that big changes come with critical mass. It is of utmost importance to grow the FORSAGE community in number.
The bigger the community - the better is the growth.


Charity -

We practice – “Help yourself first, help your fellow the second.” It is but crucial to not forget to bring the positive change in the world because this is what Forsage Community is all made for.


Do not forget that charity must be smart and impactful.


Be Yourself !

Never forget who you are, where you came from, and where you are going.
We all have things that make us unique. Use them! Make FORSAGE better, for it is only you who can do it!

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