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How does Forsage work?

The way FORSAGE works is similar, but not equal to a referral program and a partner cycling and reward distribution program, where partners have vertical alignment on the basis of referral connections that record who is a higher or lower partner, i.e. who is invited whom. And on top of that, there are 4 matrix plans with upgrades for higher rewards that can be developed horizontally. Basically, the rewards go from lower partners to higher in the structures, but there are interesting mechanics that allow overtakes and spillovers, aka gifts from your non-direct partners.

But before we start, there are certain definitions that you need to know:

  1. What is 'Refer'?
    When you make someone join under you using your referral link/affiliate link, this means you ‘refer’ them under you. When you join under someone using their link, this means you are referred by them.

  2. What is a Referral or Affiliate link?
    The link through which you join under someone is their referral link. Once you join, you will get your own personal link as well, through which you can refer others, this is your referral link.


  3. What is 'Upline'?
    The ID under which you join is your Upline (higher partner in matrix/sponsor/referrer). Or you may say that the participant whose referral link you used to join is your direct upline.


  4. What are higher Uplines?
    All the uplines above you, i.e. the upline of your upline, their uplines, everyone constitutes the higher upline structure.


  5. What is a 'Downline'?
    The ID that is joined under you is your downline (lower partner in matrix/referral/prospect), or you may say that you are the downline of the ID under which you have joined. That is,
     you are the downline of your upline; someone joined under you is your downline.
    In short, a participant who joins using your referral link is your direct referral.

  6. What is Downline Structure?
    All the downlines below you, i.e. your direct downline, the downlines of your downline, their downlines, etc, constitute the downline structure.

Also, it is important to learn certain terms with respect to the functioning of FORSAGE Matrix Marketing:

Now that we have learned all the terms used in FORSAGE, let us move on to get an elaborated idea on the concepts used in FORSAGE:

Finally, let us understand the working mechanism of each Matrix:

Here we have briefly described what FORSAGE is about and how it works. Here is a summary of the most important ideas to remember:

  • FORSAGE is the first Global Decentralized Community in history built on Ethereum/Tron blockchain smart contract, so it is transparent, secure and unstoppable.

  • FORSAGE allows its members to invite new partners via personal link and earn 100% partner rewards in ETH/TRX.

  • FORSAGE smart-contract doesn’t store any funds itself; it only transfers the rewards within the partner structures.

  • Rewards from partners in FORSAGE are credited immediately straight to personal wallets without any timeouts or waiting lists.

  • There is no limit on the amount of rewards earned. The results depend only on the activity of the members themselves.

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