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What is Overtaking & Return?

You can overtake your superior partner by opening slots which he has not yet reached.

In this case, you get up to his superior partner, the closest who has such level of the slot, and the income goes to him. If he doesn’t have this slot available, then in the same way you are already overtaking two superiors until the system finds a partner who already has active slot of this level.

Referral link returns the partners. This means that when your superior buys this slot, then the next time you reinvest, you will again take a place under him. Thus, the consolidation of personally invited partners is preserved forever.

Overflow from above.png
Personal partner (direct).png
Overflow from below.png

Personal partners (direct referrals),

Overflow from above (direct referrals of your superior),

Overflow from below (direct referrals of your downline),

Spillovers (partners who overtook their superiors).

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