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What is Re-open or Re-invest?

Re-open or Re-invest is the re-opening (purchasing) of the slot at the current level. Reopen activates the same slot for you again, and you continue to receive income from it. Without reinvestment, the slot would close, and that's it. This happens automatically as soon as the last free place is taken under you. The current slot is closed and goes to the archive.


You re-occupy the free space in the slot of a superior partner, and a new slot with free seats opens up for you. The 100% payment of reinvestment goes to the wallet of your upstream partner.

Similarly, reopens are made from your invited partners, and each time you will receive a 100% income.

Note: After the very first reinvestment of your last active slot, it is mandatory for you to purchase the next corresponding slot, or else you will lose the upcoming income from your downline partners and the payment will be sent to your upstream partner as a gift.

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